COACHING for lasting change.

For those seeking to develop their leadership competencies, managerial skills or communication style, Marge Watters provides practical, focused coaching. Over her
fifteen years of experience as a coach, Marge has worked with clients from a wide variety
of industry sectors and all levels of the organization. She focuses on discovering and
affirming her client’s talents and strengths while identifying blind spots and development opportunities. Marge believes that insight is a necessary prerequisite to achieving
lasting change.

Marge’s coaching programs begin with a thorough assessment and information gathering phase that provides the client with a deeper understanding of themselves and others in
the workplace. The second phase of the program is focused on learning and engaging
new behaviours. As the program draws to its conclusion, the client integrates these new behaviours into their natural style, and a follow-up plan is developed. The objective of the process is to affect observable, consistent, lasting change.

Using Pathfinder Career Systems, Marge’s coaching work is supported by a variety of applications targeting twenty-six key competencies such as innovation, strategic thinking,
critical reasoning, influencing and responsiveness to change.

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