CAREER COUNSELLING for success and satisfaction.

Whether you are making a major career decision or looking to find a better fit within your chosen field, career counselling with Marge Watters can make a difference. Marge
believes that every person has the right to be both satisfied and successful in their work.
To help you achieve this, Marge will guide you through a process to define your best
career fit and help you develop an action plan to achieve your career potential.

Marge is dedicated to helping people make purposeful career decisions that are also
realistic and achievable. Marge is the author of It’s Your Move: A Personal and Practical
guide to Career Transition and Job Search
published by HarperCollins and now in its
third edition. This book contains the proven methodologies that she and her colleagues developed over 15 years of experience working with people from all levels in the
organization in a wide variety of industries who were experiencing the difficult challenge of career transition. Marge is also a certified practitioner for the Pathfinder Career System.
This uniquely comprehensive career assessment inventory accurately predicts both satisfaction and success for individuals in a wide variety of occupational roles.

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